Strategic Plan

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we postponed strategic planning in 2020, though it's now underway. We will continue to use this as our guiding document until the new process is complete.

We are pleased to share the Union of Concerned Scientists’ Strategic Plan for 2016–2020 (PDF). This plan embraces a long-term vision of a nation and, ultimately, a world in which science coupled with effective advocacy plays a major role in shaping the choices we make. In our vision, clean energy alternatives replace fossil fuels; healthy foods, grown sustainably, transform our current food and agricultural system; and nations take safe and sensible actions to reduce nuclear threats.

The plan articulates five ambitious goals that will guide our work—goals that address some of the most pressing problems for which science can help provide clear solutions. We detail five-year outcomes that are stepping-stones to the goals. These stepping-stones build upon our successful programs using new approaches and strategies to respond to the urgent demands of our time.

We also recognize that achieving our aspirational goals requires strong partnerships and effective collaboration with other organizations and groups; we have a long and respected record of working with many other groups and will continue to do so.